Our Team

From left to right: Jay Bowman, Rick Sutliff, Douglas Hurlburt (founder of and principal designer for Dynamic Sounds Associates), David Sckolnik, Kevin Welch, Paul Gorman, and Randy Crews - our crew from the first Florida Audio Expo back in February, 2019.

David Sckolnik

It's hard for David to remember a time when his life wasn't dominated by the enjoyment of music and a fascination with the arts and audio. Founder of à la carte productions, David has over four decades of experience in the business of audio and music -  working in retail, marketing, and manufacturer representation. His parallel career in the arts was launched as an actor and then as a classical baritone- broadening into marketing, artist representation, production and broadcast and print journalism. A native New Yorker, David has lived most of his life in Colorado but now lives in DeLand, Florida where his man cave basement audio studio now resides on the second floor of his home.

Kevin Welch

Anchoring à la carte productions in Northeast Florida, Kevin is an accomplished rock and reggae drummer who enjoys listening to music as much as playing it. Kevin is hands on in the audio business with great setup skills for analogue and digital rigs. A native of New Orleans now living in Jacksonville, his support staff includes seven chihuahuas all with specific abilities to lend support  to his work in the world of audio.

Dynamic Sounds Associates

 à la carte productions is the exclusive retailer/distributor for Naples, FL-based Dynamic Sounds Associates in North America. Contact us with any questions regarding these "Made in the U.S.A." reference components. Please visit DSA at

Our Philosophy

It's one thing to close a deal  and make a nice profit from one's customer.  That would seem to be what the goal is of running a retail business. We like that. Truth be told, that's not why à la carte productions came into being. We work to get inside of the process; to find out why our clients are seeking a new system, a new product, or an enhanced system setup to improve their listening experience. It's almost an interview process - topped off, when possible, by affording folks the opportunity to hear the new musical possibilities in their own listening environment. The final stage is a home visit where we put our experience in system building and setup to work. The results are gratifying for everyone involved. That's where we get our real payoff.